Newly Remodeled

Newly Remodeled

Starting out as a smoking bar in 1979, Pete’s Place South has been recently renovated into a restaurant with new bar seating and stool seating. These renovations include a full kitchen and a delicious menu. It has also been sensitive to the needs of its loyal customers. Knowing that there are those who avoid secondhand smoke, the owners recently installed a state-of-the-art, non-smoking section that filters out any scents and lets guests party on without the odor of cigarettes. The fully enclosed, window-lined space adjoins the original bar but keeps all trace of smoke from its premises.

The accommodating space runs the entire width of the building and features its own electric jukebox and dartboard, big screen TVs and plenty of seats around the bar, along counters and surrounding tables for a few up to 50 people.

“The changes are like a breath of fresh air. That’s because the main area has been outfitted to eliminate all smoke and create a completely smoke-free zone for patrons,” said Pete Palori, the original bar owner since 1979.

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